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Raw Single Bundle Deal

Raw Single Bundle Deal

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Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury with our 100% Raw Vietnamese Human Hair, meticulously chosen and double-drawn for unparalleled quality. Sourced from a single, exquisite donor, each strand boasts 100% original cuticle alignment, reflecting the pinnacle of natural beauty. Our skilled artisans intricately craft each extension bundle, meticulously replacing shorter hairs with longer ones, resulting in opulent, full-bodied ends.

Discover the allure of effortless elegance, as our hair demands minimal maintenance, remaining effortlessly tangle and shed-free. Explore the versatility of customization—whether you choose to bleach it to the exquisite shade of 613 or infuse it with your desired hue, guided by its innate color-friendly nature. Elevate your style and relish in the premium quality appreciated by the most discerning individuals.

With proper care, this hair is designed to last up to 3-5 years.


  • Color: Natural Brown/Black
  • Weight: Each bundle is 100 grams

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